Outreach and Education 

CVI is committed to promoting environment-based outreach and education as tools for increasing community vitality, ecological integrity, and academic achievement. This kind of outreach and education can immerses students and local stakeholders in the natural resources around them, and teach them the importance of environmental conservation in their communities.

For 25 years, Canaan Valley Institute has worked with schools, nonprofit organizations, private businesses, and local and state agencies to develop educational opportunities that engage students and local stakeholders in meaningful learning experiences in their natural world. We strive to work with organizations and schools to develop programs that help these communities to understand problems, gather information, evaluate alternatives, and implement solutions.

CVI participates in farm tours, elementary school education programs, conservation camps, Earth Day celebrations, career days, and other conservation outreach events each year.


…if you would be interested in hosting an outreach or education event in your community!