Meet The Team

Kristin Mielcarek- Executive Director

Kristin has been instrumental in our efforts to provide high quality, effective wastewater treatment to western Maryland. Since 2007 she has administered the Bay Restoration fund septic system upgrade program for four Maryland counties. This program has resulted in securing over $10 Million to repair more than 600 failing septic systems that contribute nutrient pollution to the regions waters. She is passionate and thoughtful in her work with communities to make improvements to their aquatic resource. She develops strong partnerships with citizens based groups, government entities and other non-profits to combine technical expertise with human resources to implement projects which enhance the health and quality of rivers and streams. Kristin also collaborates on the department of comprehensive watershed restoration plans, grant proposal development, and grand administration. Kristin has co-authored three EPA approved Watershed Based Plans for streams in Maryland and West Virginia and has helped to secure grant funds for restoration projects. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland and Center for Environmental Science.

Tina Bonner- Accounting Manager

Tina’s strong organizational skills ensure the accuracy of our financial records. She comes to CVI with over ten years of experience in account management for various small businesses, including her own photography business. In addition to financial management, she also manages our employee benefits and keeps the staff connected to the communities we serve through social media outlets. Tina graduated from Fairmont State University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Missy Kalb- Habitat Restoration Specialist

Missy joined CVI in 2019 and is focused on biological consultation, permitting, and compliance for all conservation and restoration projects. She also contributes to all stages of planning, design, and implementation of habitat and stream restoration work along with grant writing and submissions. Missy graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Wildlife Conservation and a M.S. in Wildlife Ecology. Through her education and experience, Missy is recognized by The Wildlife Society as an Associate Wildlife Biologist®. Before joining CVI, Missy was the Natural Lands Manager on a 2,900 acre conservation easement where she worked to increase native habitat through warm season grass plantings and to improve water quality by reducing agricultural runoff along 3 miles of Chesapeake Bay waterfront.

Hunter Kittrell- Stream Restoration Technician

Hunter is actively serving in CVI’s Southwest Virginia field office. His roles there include project survey, photography, planning, design, and implementation of the restoration projects. Hunter received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science in 2008 and worked as a professional photographer overseas for 7 years. In addition to his field work, Hunter helps manage CVI’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Hunter’s hard work, passion for the outdoors, and creative eye are a great asset to the CVI family.